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Montgomery Sheppard

Montgomery Sheppard
Given names
MarriageAlicia View this family

Birth of a child
Charles William Sheppard

Birth of a son
William J Sheppard

Birth of a daughter
Eliza Jane Sheppard

Birth of a son
Richard Henry Sheppard

Birth of a son
Michael Ambrose Sheppard

Marriage of a childMontgomery Jennings SheppardAgnes McSpaddenView this family

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Death of a sonMichael Ambrose Sheppard
September 4, 1880

Telegraphic Brevities. (From the Morning Papers.) New South Wales. . Monday. Michael Ambrose Sheppard, formerly proprietor of the Hill End Times, and recently employed at the Government Gazette office, died on Saturday at his brother's residence, Mudgee, from consumption. Deceased was well respected in Mudgee (Evening News, Monday 6 September 1880, page 3).

Death of a wifeAlicia

Death of a childCharles William Sheppard
January 19, 1902


Death of Mr. Charles Sheppard An old Mudgee identity passed away in Sydney yesterday, in the per-son of Mr. Charles Sheppard, aged 64. The deceased had been ailing for some little time, but the immediate cause of death was heart disease of two years standing. Mr. Albert Sheppard, of the Mudgee Post Office ; Mr. Charles Sheppard, of the Telegraphic Department, head office, were sons of the deceased, and Mrs. Harry Carter a daughter. The family will have the sympathy of their many friends in Mudgee (Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative, Monday 20 January 1902, page 2).

Death of a sonRichard Henry Sheppard
January 16, 1907

Note: DEATHS: EPPARD.- January 16, 1907, at Little Bay Hospital, Richard Henry Sheppard, late of Mudgee, aged 60 (Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 17 January 1907, page 6).
Death of a sonMontgomery Jennings Sheppard
June 25, 1917

Death of a Mudgee Identity. MR. M. J. SHEPPARD. An old identity of Mudgee, in the person of Mr. Montgomerie Jennings Sheppard, passed away suddenly at Pittwater Road, Manly, on Monday, June 25. The deceased gentleman resided in Mudgee for some forty years, conducting a saddlery business, and later as Sheppard and Co., a fancy goods, newspaper, and stationery business. Mr. Sheppard's father and mother were among the early pioneers of Mudgee, his father owning the first tannery (in the early days) at West End. His late brother, Mr. Michael Sheppard, was the proprietor and editor of the first Hill End newspaper, "Western Post." Mr. Sheppard was born at Cork, Ireland, and came to this country with his parents when very young.

He interested himself in many mining speculations at Gulgong, Hill End, and Hargraves, and took a keen interest in politics. The funeral took place from Waugh and Co.'s private chapel, Corso, Manly, on Wednesday. The chief mourners were Mr. M. J. Sheppard, post and telegraph master, Taree (son), Mr. W. C. Sheppard, Public School, Belmore (son), Mr. G. E. Sheppard, Public School, Wollongong (son), Mrs. H. F. Milne, Public School, Rylstone (daughter), Mrs. Charles Larkin, ''Como Valley," Ben Bullen (daughter), Mrs. J. Meier, Parramatta (niece), Mr. Charles Sheppard, Great Eastern Cable Co. (nephew), Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Garling, manager Hean's manufacturing chemists, Sydney (nephew). Mr. George Adams, of the Fresh Food and Ice Co., who had been foreman at Mr. Sheppard's saddlery business for many years, attended at the graveside, also Major Williams and others. The only child absent was Quartermaster Sergeant Charles Sheppard, who is in charge of the Commissariat Department at Harefield Hospital, England. Mr. Sheppard had attained the great age of 83 years. His wife predeceased him at Mudgee 20 years ago. The last sad obsequies were conducted by the Rev. Stoddart (Manly), the remains being interred in the Church of England portion of the Manly cemetery. Two of Mr. Sheppard's sisters still reside at Mudgee - Mrs. Geo. Arnold, of Gladstone-street, and Mrs. Geo. Tomkins, Douro-street, while Mr. Albert Sheppard, of the Mudgee Post Office, is a nephew. Much sympathy will be felt for the family and relatives by their many friends throughout the Mudgee district (Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative, Thursday 12 July 1917, page 8).

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  1. Generation 1
    1. Montgomery Sheppard. He married Alicia . She died in 1881.

      Children of Montgomery Sheppard and Alicia :

      1. Montgomery Jennings Sheppard (1917)
      2. Charles William Sheppard (18401902)
      3. William J Sheppard (1842)
      4. Eliza Jane Sheppard (18441926)
      5. Richard Henry Sheppard (18461907)
      6. Michael Ambrose Sheppard (18511880)
  2. Generation 2
    1. Montgomery Jennings Sheppard, son of Montgomery Sheppard and Alicia . He died on June 25, 1917 in Pittwater Road, Manly, New South Wales, Australia. He married Agnes McSpadden in 1862.

      Children of Montgomery Jennings Sheppard and Agnes McSpadden:

      1. Montgomery Jennings Sheppard (18631939)
      2. William Charles Sheppard (18661940)
      3. Alicia Agnes Adams Sheppard (18681933)
      4. Charles Henry Sheppard (1871)
      5. Susanna Grace Sheppard (18741875)
      6. Emeline Emily Sheppard (1876)
      7. George Edward Sheppard (1880)
      8. Mabel Sheppard (18861886)
    2. Charles William Sheppard, child of Montgomery Sheppard and Alicia , was born in 1840 and died on January 19, 1902 at the age of 62. This individual married Mary Cullen in 1862.

      Children of Charles William Sheppard and Mary Cullen:

      1. Albert William Sheppard (18631945)
      2. Charlotte Agnes Sheppard (18721952)
      3. Charles Edward Sheppard (1878)
    3. Eliza Jane Sheppard, daughter of Montgomery Sheppard and Alicia , was born in 1844 and died on March 8, 1926 at the age of 82. She married George Henry Arnold in 1864. He died on August 26, 1905.

  3. Generation 3
    1. William Charles Sheppard, son of Montgomery Jennings Sheppard and Agnes McSpadden, was born in 1866 and died on January 19, 1940 in Dempster Street, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia at the age of 74. He married Sarah Ann Hawkins in 1888. She died in 1918.

    2. Alicia Agnes Adams Sheppard, daughter of Montgomery Jennings Sheppard and Agnes McSpadden, was born in 1868 and died on December 14, 1933 in Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia at the age of 65. She married Herbert Forbes Milne, son of Robert Forbes Milne and Jemima “Mima” Court.

      Children of Alicia Agnes Adams Sheppard and Herbert Forbes Milne:

      1. Herbert S Milne (1899)
      2. Private
    3. Charlotte Agnes Sheppard, daughter of Charles William Sheppard and Mary Cullen, was born in 1872 and died on June 23, 1952 in 2 Marshall Avenue, North Wollstonecraft, New South Wales, Australia at the age of 80. She married Henry Newton Carter in 1895. He died on August 3, 1949 in 2 Marshall Avenue, North Wollstonecraft, New South Wales, Australia.