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MUDGEE (From the Mudgee Times , March 16) On Saturday, the 6th instant, an accident occurred at Rylstone, about thirty-five miles distant, which should serve not only as a caution, but as a guide to others who may experience a similar one. It appears from reliable evidence, that David, aged about 15 years, son of Samuel Fenton, farmer, at Camboon, was removing a loaded gun from the floor of a dray which he bad been driving, when the trigger was caught by one of the planks of the floor of the dray, and the gun, which was charged with heavy shot, and pointed towards him, exploded. The injuries the lad received were calculated to be fatal. The shot penetrated just above the left hip, in a line with the false ribs, one of which it carried away. The discharge also inflicted a wound three inches in diameter, and another about one inch in diameter. Dr. Cutting was sent for on the following Monday, and after attending an inquest, he went out and attended the unfortunate youth, who, it appears, had the remarkable presence of mind to press both his hands against the gap in his sides, for a distance of some twenty yards, the blood literally oozing between his fingers. The gun, it appears, was charged with large shot, which went in just over the left hip, in a line with the false ribs. The last account was that on Sunday last the lad was on a fair way to a recovery, which statement will startle some who reported that he was dead (Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Saturday 20 March 1875, p. 8.

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February 19, 1901
Note: Wedding Bells.

Wedding Bells. Malvern - Fenton. A fairly large congregation assembled in St. James' Church, Rylstone, on Tuesday, 19th instant, to witness the marriage of Mr. W. Malvern, of Havilah, and Miss Ruth Fenton, youngest daughter of Mr. S. Fenton, of Camboon. Punctually to time the bride, leaning on the arm of her father, marched up the aisle to where the groom was awaiting the one who was so soon to become his wife. Miss Fenton was dressed in white silk lustre, trimmed with white silk and chiffon and white ribbon. The orthodox wreath and veil were also worn. For her bridesmaid Miss Fenton had Miss E. Fenton (sister), who was dressed in white nun's veiling, white silk stripes, trimmed with white silk lace and ribbons. Mr. L. Irwin acted as best man. The Rev. H. D. Sealy-Vidal was the officiating clergyman, and as the happy couple left the altar Miss Millard played the usual wedding march. The bridal party left the church amid showers of rice, flowers, etc., and were driven by Mr. T. Fenton to Camboon, the residence of the bride's parents, where a most sumptuous wedding breakfast was laid out in a large marque erected for the occasion. The taste manifested in the laying out of the table deserves special mention, as everything was arranged in a most picturesque manner. The wedding cake needs but little praise from my pen, as it was the handiwork of Mr. W. L. Nicholson, which always ensures the quality being A1. Fully 50 people were seated at the table sampling the ham, lamb, and poultry, and I think it would be hard to guess how many head of poultry lost their lives through this feast, to say nothing of the almost numberless dishes of cakes, sweets, fruits, etc. The friends of the bride did their utmost to ease the table of the weight under which groaned but all to no purpose, for as soon as one dish was empty, it was replaced by a full one, and still more to follow, which made it quite evident that Mr. and Mrs. S. Fenton had prepared for a right royal feast. When all seemed fully satisfied that they could eat no more at that breakfast, Mr. S. G. Benson, in a very natty speech, proposed the health of the newly-married couple, which, after being duly honored, was responded to by the bridegroom. The Rev. H. D. Sealy-Vidal then proposed the health of the parents of the bride which was honored most enthusiastically. After the breakfast a most enjoyable afternoon was spent with music, singing and outdoor games, till the call for tea was sounded, when one and all returned to again satisfy the inner man, after which an adjournment was made to Mr. W. Riches' large barn, in fact I think I should say grand ballroom, as it was most elaborately decorated with Chinese lanterns, greens, and colored paper chains. Too much credit cannot be bestowed upon Mr. and Mrs. Riches, who were responsible for the decorations, as well as giving assistance in many other ways towards the comfort of the guests at the ball. About 30 couples taxed the floor capacity of the good old barn, and with the splendid music supplied by Messrs. Fenton Bros., J. Mumford, W. Moss, A. McDonald and Bayliss Bros., all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The refreshments served at various intervals during the night were quite in keeping with the splendid assortment of eatables provided during the day. Mr. J. Fenton acted as M.C., and kept things going right merrily until the wee small hours of morning, when all dispersed for their respective homes. I will not attempt to name the belle or to describe the dresses, suffice it to say all the ladies looked charming. And I for one do not mind how soon there is another wedding on Camboon, provided one of the local bachelors is the bride-groom, as I think we have let enough strangers come in to take our girls away (what say you bRother bachelors). The following is a list of the presents: - Mrs. S. Fenton - Cream jug and sugar basin, and four picture frames, W. Glew - Lamp, McDonald, sen. - pair salts, D. C. McLachlan - Water jug, H. Walker - Water jug, T. Mumford - Jam bowl, T. Bayliss - Half dozen cups and saucers, W. Keech - Water jug and jelly bowl, J. Black - Half dozen China cups and saucers, S. Yarrington - Plush cushion, Joyce - Pair vases Mr. and Mrs. J. Page - Decanter, Hamilton - Musical clock, W. Riches - Pair silver serviette rings, W. Thompson (Lawson)Biscuit barrel, S. H. Taylor - Teapot, H. Glew - Half doz. cups and saucers and teapot, Banks (Lawson) - Toast rack, R. Riches - half dozen china cups and saucers, H. Chambers - Pair hand-painted vases, Hutchison (Sydney) - Plush and silk chair covers, D. Riches - Biscuit stands, Mr. Jas. Fenton - Silver cruet, W. Keech, sen. - Cheque, W. Glew, jun. - Teapot, H. Chambers - half dozen flowered tumblers, J. Mumford - Silver butter knife, H. Knight - Ruby biscuit barrel, Jas. Walker - Water jug, L. McLachlan - Ruby jam bowl, J. McLachlan - Ruby butter basin, T. Mumford - Silver jam spoon, T. Fry - Pair jam bowls, L. Irwine - Carving knife and fork, W. Glew - Cheese cover, W. Babidge - Silver butter basin, Welloss - Water bottle and glass, A. McDonald - half dozen silver egg spoons, F. McBeth - silver jam spoon, A. McBeth - Silver jam spoon, Miss E. Fenton - Pair photo frames, E. Riches - Pair salts, E. Chambers - Afternoon tray and two tray cloths, E. McLachlan - Pair photo frames, K. McLachlan - Teapot, B. McLachlan - Breakfast cruet, F. Glew - Salt cellar, J. Glew - Water bowl, K. Glew - Milk jug, E. Glew - Pair photo frames, M. Babidge - Ruby butter basin, A. Black - Flower basket, G. Babidge - Pair serviette rings. Mudgee Guardian, Thursday 28 February 1901, p. 9. Wedding Malvern and Fenton

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August 4, 1901
Note: Wedding at Camboon.

Wedding at Camboon. IRVINE - FENTON. On Wednesday, 14th August, at St. James' church, Rylstone, the Rev. Sealy-Vidal performed a very pleasing ceremony, whon he joined in holy wedlock the hands and hearts of Mr. L. Irvine, of Airly, and Miss Nellie Fenton, third daughter of Mr. S. Fenton, of Camboon. Eleven o'clock was the hour appointed for the ceremony, and a few minutes before that time the bridegroom, accompanied by Mr. J. Fenton as best man, approached the altar to await the arrival of his betRothed. Punctual to time the bride entered the church on the arm of her father, looking a picture of loveliness, being dressed in white satin, trimmed with chiffon and white ribbons, with the usual orange blossoms, veil and wreath to match, and carrying a beautiful bouquet of white flowers. The bridesmaid, Miss Ella Glew (niece of the bride) was dressed in white silk lustre, trimmed with white satin, lace and pearls. The bridal party were driven to and from the church by Mr. Alex. McLachlan with his sociable and pair of beautiful black horses, which were tastefully decorated with white ribbons, suitable for the occasion, thus winning the admiration of all who had the pleasure of seeing his turn-out. At 1 o'clock sharp about 60 or 70 friends of the bride and bridegroom assembled at the residence of the bride's parents to partake of the wedding breakfast that was prepared for them there. The tables were erected in a large marquee adjoining the house, and the manner in which they were laid out and decorated reflected the greatest credit upon this mothers and sisters of the bride. And then, the eatables, prepared by them also, for such a sumptuous repast, were by no means a small undertaking; nevertheless, one could see at a glance that the quantity of poultry, hams, lamb, and sweets, etc., would satisfy three times the number of guests that were present, if needed. The Rev. Sealy-Vidal, in a neat speech, proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom, and after it being duly honored was responded to by the bridegroom. Mr. J. Walker then proposed the health of the parents of the bride, in which he spoke in the highest terms of the manner in which Mr. and Mrs. Fenton reared their family. Various other toasts were proposed and duly honored. But now, before entirely deserting this portion of the programme, I will dwell a little longer upon it myself. I have known Mr. and Mrs. Fenton for the past twenty years, during which time they have had their ups and downs, like all who have to depend upon the seasons of the year for their livelihood, but nevertheless Mr. and Mrs. Fenton have, with credit to themselves and neighbors surrounding them, brought their family up to manhood and womanhood, in a most respectful way, giving each one of them their education, and teaching them right from wrong, until the time arrived for each one to depart to homes of their own, carrying with them the highest praise from one and all. The bride that was carried away from our midst on Wednesday, 14th inst., I will say without doubt or hesitation, was the best young lady in every way and of the highest repute, that ever took a departure from Camboon; but what is our loss is Airly's gain. The afternoon was spent in singing songs, music, outdoor games, etc., until the call for tea was heard, which, of course, led to another visit to the marquee, and the good things that were again on view in that enchanted spot, held out man-fully to all attacks that were made upon them. The next item on the programme was the ballroom, it being visited in real earnest about 7 o'clock, and kept going right merrily, with the exceptions of intervals for tea, songs, and recitations, until the small wee hours, when each one and all dispersed to their respective homes, well satisfied with their day and night's amusement. Mr. and Mrs. Irvine took their departure on the following evening to their future home at Airly, where we all hope and trust that they will enjoy many long years of health, wealth, and prosperity. Following is a list of the wedding presents received : - Mr and Mrs H. Glew, silver dinner cruet ; Mr and Mrs W. Riches, silver dinner cruet ; Mr. and Mrs McLachlan, half dozen China cups and sauces and tea tray ; Mr and Mrs D. Riches, pair of vegetable dishes ; Mr and Mrs Malvern, silver glass jug and fruit stand ; Mr and Mrs Hamilton, eight day clock : Mr and Mrs Gibson, afternoon tea pot : Mr and Mrs T. Fenton, glass sugar basin and cream jug; Mrs Cowdroy, lamp; Mrs J. Walmsley, cut glass syrup jar ; Mrs T. Mumford, lamp ; Mrs Keech, glass sugar basin and dish ; Mrs Chambers, China jug ; Mrs S. Fenton, glass sugar basin ; Mrs J. McDonald, sen., glass flower basket ; Mrs W. Thompson (Lawson), breakfast cruet ; Mrs Banks (Lawson), afternoon tea pot ; Mrs Stapeley, sen. , damask table cloth and set of tray covers ; Mrs T. Glew, pair of prize fowls ; Mrs W. Glew, glass fruit stand ; Miss A. Cowdroy, silver dinner cruet and tray cover; Miss F. Glew, gipsy table cover : Miss J. Glew, pair glass salts ; Miss K. McLachlan, silver jam spoon ; Miss E. McLachlan, pair photo frames ; Miss B. McLachlan, pair vases ; Miss A. and E. Riches, moustache cup and saucer ; Miss B. Cowdroy, point lace handkerchief ; Miss E. Cowdroy, box of lace handkerchiefs ; Miss E. Chambers, lamp ; Miss K. Glew, glass sugar and butter dish ; Mr J. Finucane, pair vases ; Mr J. Walker, sugar basin and glass dish ; Mr A. McLachlan, half-dozen China cups and saucers ; Mr J. McLachlan, pair, cut glass salts ; Mr H. Cowdroy, glass butter dish ; Mr T. Mumford, glass jelly dish ; Mr W. Bayliss, glass basket ; Mr S. Bayliss, pair vases ; Mr W. Keech, cheque ; Mr A. McDonald, half-dozen knives ; Mr J. Fenton, half-dozen knives and forks and half-dozen desert knives; Mr H. Knight, lamp ; Mr A. McDonald, China break-fast cruet ; Mr W. Glew, to the bride-groom, silver mounted pipe and case (Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative, Thursday 22 August 1901, p. 16).

Death of a husbandSamuel Fenton
October 1914

Note: Death. A Rylstone Pioneer. The death occurred at Camboon last week of Mr. Stephen Fenton, aged 81 ye…

Death. A Rylstone Pioneer. The death occurred at Camboon last week of Mr. Stephen Fenton, aged 81 years. Deceased was one of the pioneer settlers of Rylstone, and by thrift and industry did well. He came to Rylstone district from Bathurst side 50 years ago. He married the eldest sister of Messrs. D. and W. Riches. The widow and a family of eight sons and daughters survive. The large and representative gathering at the funeral testified unmistakably to the great respect of the people for deceased. The interment took place at Camboon in a plot on Mr. Robert Riches' property (Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative, Monday 2 November 1914, p. 1).


GENERAL ITEMS. I regret to report the death of Mr. Fenton, an old resident of Camboon, which took place on Friday from influenza and bronchitis. The remains were interred at Camboon on Sundav (Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative, Thursday 22 October 1914, p. 12 ).

Death of a sonJohn Fenton

Death of a sonSamuel Fenton

Death of a sonJames Fenton

Death of a daughterElizabeth Fenton
September 28, 1936

Death of a sonThomas Fenton

Death of a daughterMary Ann Fenton
March 24, 1947

Note: IN MEM0RIAM GLEW. - In loving memory of my dear wife and our mother, Mary Ann Glew, who departed th…

IN MEM0RIAM GLEW. - In loving memory of my dear wife and our mother, Mary Ann Glew, who departed this life, 24th March 1947. Inserted by her loving husband and family (Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative, Thursday 23 March 1950, page 10).

Death of a sonStephen Fenton

Note: The late Mr. Steve Fenton, who recently died suddenly at Marrangaroo, was an old Rylstone identity.…

The late Mr. Steve Fenton, who recently died suddenly at Marrangaroo, was an old Rylstone identity. The Fenton family resided in the Camboon and Rylstone district previously to taking up residence at Marrangaroo. Mudgee Guardian, Thursday 5 June 1947, p. 8. Obituary Steve Fenton

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